Review: Keepsake by Ryo

10:17 PM

I've been a mother for two months and counting. Elise nurses about 8 times each day and I cherish the quiet moments that we have. I'm direct latching her fully now, ever since she went on a sudden bottle strike a few weeks ago. I'm really thankful that I have adequate supply, because formula is so expensive and I want to boost up her immune system before she goes into infant care. 

Her double chin, chubby cheeks and chunky thighs are just a bonus. Strangers look at her and ask me if she is three or four months old. No, she just turned two months old a few days ago.

My favourite position when nursing her is the side latch because I can use the phone watch her drink milk. She has this quirk where she grasps and plays with her hair. After drinking her fill, she just dozes off. :) 

A few weeks ago, I customised some breast milk jewellery from Keepsake with Ryo to wear because I'd like to remember this part of motherhood in a practical way. 

The jewellery arrived in cute little boxes just in time for Christmas:

Teardrop Locket with Blue Shimmer, Pink Pandora-ish cord bracelet, Cloudy heart necklace with gold flakes
I took part in Project Keepsake, where I paid a token sum to receive one surprise memento. I wasn't able to customise the jewellery, but I told her my preferences (simple and pink) and she really gave me what I wanted.

She places really high standards on herself and trashes the jewellery if she doesn't like it. 
Can't stop staring at this one. It's smooth to the touch and a bit rubbery but I was told that it would harden over time. 

Anyway she has a 6 month warranty, so I'm not worried!
I inititally ordered one with silver flakes, but guess what happened: 

An ant crawled inside whilst the pendant was setting and died inside. Just as well. Gold seems to have a better contrast against the colour of my milk. 

The beginning of a slippery slope - charm bracelets 
I love all three pieces because they're all so wearable and not garish. I don't like flashy accessories. Normally when I go out, the only accessory I wear is my wedding ring. I might start wearing accessories again now that I have these! I might make another charm when Elise has her first haircut. I don't know when that'll be though, since her hair is growing out so well. 

** No monetary compensation was received. I paid for the jewellery. All opinions are of my own. 

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